The cognacs Marquis de Gensac

  1. Cognac Marquis de Gensac VS


    Powerful cognac made of complex aromas of citrus fruit mixed with subtle floral notes and almond from oak wood.

    Mellow and pleasant long finish, perfect for cognac lovers.

    A beguiling ingredient for cocktails or long drink, to preserve cognac taste without overpowering the mix. Enjoy it straight or as a long drink with tonic or ginger ale, it become a surprisingly refreshing aperitif.

  2. Cognac Marquis de Gensac VSOP


    A smooth entry leads to a round, off-dry medium-bodied palate with toffee and baked fruit flavours. Finishes with a long, smooth brown spice and crème brûlée fade.</p> <p>A delicious, fruit-driven artisanal style that displays a long finish. Haunting and intense.

    Enjoy it straight or on the rocks to soften his intensity; as an aperitif or after-dinner. Serve it with a selection of cheeses (Bleu d’Auvergne, Roquefort, Cheddar...) and deli meat such as cured hams or Pata Negra.

  3. Cognac Marquis de Gensac XO


    Round and persistent, this cognac named from the share which evaporates each year from the barrels, manages to marry first and woody notes of the «rancio» typical old Grande Champagne Cognacs.

    First intense sensation, aromas of fig, apricot and jasmine, quince and walnuts, toasted bread, chocolate notes on the finish. Endless finish. Elegance and finesse are in balance.

    Food pairing : an apple pie served with a pineapple sorbet or a «tarte tatin» with a vanilla ice cream on the top.

An authentic family of «bouilleur de cru»

The quality of cognacs crafted by Marquis de Gensac is the outcome of an ancestral know-how refined and passed on generation after generation. 11 generations of grower-distiller, also called «bouilleurs de cru» took turns harvesting and in the distillation room.

Our family is proud of our traditionally blended cognacs which are rewarded for their quality. Our cognacs are internationally renowned for their smooth and soft style as well as its fruity notes.

A cognac from Grande Champagne

The vineyards of Marquis de Gensac are located at the heart of the first and finest cru of Cognac: the Grande Champagne. The exceptional quality of the soil shaping the hillsides of the area gives our cognacs an extraordinary ageing potential.

We only distill Ugni-Blanc which gives to our area its prestigious name. We harvest it on our 8.5 hectares estate located in Segonzac.