Our Cognacs Grande Champagne

  1. Cognac Pierre de Segonzac Premium


    Powerful cognac made of complex aromas of citrus fruit mixed with subtle floral notes and almond from oak wood.

    Mellow and pleasant long finish, perfect for cognac lovers.

    A beguiling ingredient for cocktails or long drinks, to preserve the taste of cognac without overpowering the mix. Enjoy it straight or as a long drink with tonic or ginger ale, it becomes a surprisingly refreshing aperitif.

    Available in 50cL and 70cL

  2. Pierre de Segonzac VSOP


    This VSOP aged for an average of 7 years in the wet cellars of Segonzac. It is there that time, air and wood patiently achieved their work and gave it its delicate golden colour. Before you enjoy a drink of this cognac, let it aerate for a few minutes to release its finest flavours.

    A smooth entry leads to a round, off-dry medium-bodied palate with toffee and baked fruit flavours. Finishes with a long, smooth brown spice and crème brûlée fade. A delicious, fruit-driven artisanal style that displays a long finish. Haunting and intense.

    Available in 20cL and 70cL

  3. Cognac Pierre de Segonzac QBic Rare


    Silky entry leads to very smooth, sweetish medium to full-bodied texture with nice honey, marzipan, and black tea-like flavours that coats the mouth. Finishes with a long and tasty fruit and oak driven fade.

    A very nice, easy-to-approach cognac.

    « This beautiful cognac that we will avoid to serve as a long drink due to his quality, can go well with a grilled almond Macaroon and candied chestnut ice cream, as a French toast with salted caramel ice cream. »

    Recommended by Union des Sommeliers de France

    Available in 20cL and 70cL

  4. Cognac Pierre de Segonzac Qbic XO

    XO Sélection des Anges

    Round and persistent, this cognac is named after the share of liquor that evaporates each year from the barrels. It manages to marry a woody palate and the first notes of the «rancio», this typical taste of old Grande Champagne cognacs.

    The first sensation is intense releasing aromas of fig, apricot and jasmine, quince and walnuts, toasted bread, chocolate notes on the finish. Endless finish. Elegance and finesse are in balance.

    Food pairing : an apple pie served with a pineapple sorbet or a «tarte tatin» with a vanilla ice cream on top.

    XO Sélection des Anges was awarded the gold medal at the Concours International des Vins in 2015.

    Available in 20cL and 70cL

  5. Cognac Pierre de Segonzac QBic Extra


    Distilled by Pierre in the 70’s, this cognac the «rancio» charentais at its pinnacle. Complex nose with notes of candied plum and apricot, brioche and cigar box. Ample palate, smooth and opulent in mouth; great aromatic complexity. Lingering finish.

    A voluptuous experience full of sensuality.

    Gold medal at the Challenge International des Vins, Bordeaux 2015.

  6. Pierre de Segonzac Ancestrale


    Blend made of eaux-de-vie distilled by André and Abel, father and grand-father of Pierre. An exceptional cognac with an intense aromatic complexity. Its flavours of wood and «rancio» reach excellence.

    It has a very subtle nose and melts a wonderful balance between aromas of nuts, narcissus, cocoa, spices and candied fruit, old port, leather and cigar box. Extreme persistence. A Grande Champagne at its best.

    It has a very subtle nose and blends a wonderful balance between aromas of nuts, narcissus, cocoa, spices and candied fruits, old port, leather and cigar boxes. Extreme persistence. A Grande Champagne at its best.

Marquis de Gensac

Marquis de Gensac is the twin brand to Pierre de Segonzac. Its exclusive range made of exceptional cognacs will cater for all cognac enthusiasts.


Pierre de Segonzac and RHINO celebrate a common passion for art, music and poetry.

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Ages and blends the best Cognacs using traditional methods inherited from previous generations at the heart of Grande Champagne.

Ritz Carlton

A wonderful cognac from Pablo Ferrand's small distillery. - Gold Spirit of the year 2017


Les cognacs Pierre de Segonzac [...] veulent perpétuer la tradition des bouilleurs de cru indépendants.


France 3

Pierre de Segonzac’s style is clearly fruity, very smooth, incredibly velvety. And they presented themselves fantastically during the dinner at Sztuczka!

Festus Wine & Spirits

Long years of ageing really are resulting in extraordinary quality of here produced cognacs. XO [Pierre de Segonzac] confirmed this more than well.

Testum News

Pierre de Segonzac (...) défend depuis 1702 des valeurs de qualité et d’expression du terroir qui valent à ses eaux-de-vie d’être très prisées des amateurs.

Mathieu Doumenge

Terre de Vin

Oubliez toutes les caricatures et redécouvrez le plaisir de la finesse et de l’élégance. 18/20.

Eric Boschman

Paris Match

Le résultat est stupéfiant, c’est bon, c’est beau, ça sonne juste et ça claque.

Jean-Charles Chapuzet

Terre de Vin