An Ancestral Tradition

The history of the Ferrand family who has been crafting cognac with passion for 11 generations.

1702: Jacques Ferrand

Back in 1702, Jacques Ferrand already distilled and aged his harvests. For more than three centuries, his descendants cultivated this tradition. Following a genuine passion for their craft, they have shaped generation after generation their estate.

Pierre Ferrand, founder of Pierre de Segonzac

Pierre was only interested in old, prestigious products, traditionally crafted in the heart of Grande Champagne, 1st and finest cru of the area of Cognac.

Pablo Ferrand, modern custodian of the traditional know-how

Craftsman passionate by his terroir and Cognac, Pablo brings a modern touch to a prestigious heritage. With him, a new generation of men and vine help carrying on an age-long passion.

Pablo Ferrand