Origin : Grande Champagne 1st Cru
Grape variety : 100% Ugni Blanc
Distillation on fine lees (pot stills 18 and 25 hl)
Ageing in Limousin oak casks (400 to 500 litres)
Volume : 70 cl

Tasting notes :
Colour : amber
Bouquet : fresh mandarin and vanilla
Powerful cognac made of complex aromas of citrus fruit mixed with subtle floral notes and kernel from an acorn.
Mellow and pleasant long finish, perfect for cognac lovers.

Suggestion :
A beguiling ingredient for cocktails or long drink, to preserve cognac taste without overpowering the mix.
Enjoy it straight or as a long drink with tonic or ginger ale, it become a surprisingly refreshing aperitif.

Available in 50 cl and 70 cl.