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A family story since 1702

From 1702 onwards, Jacques, the ancestor of the family, started to distil and age the products of his vineyards. As they had learned everything from him, his descendants wished to go on with this tradition. Today, Pierre FERRAND will only negotiate old and prestigious products, like they used to do it in the past, in the heart of Grande Champagne, where you may find the first and most respected brands of Cognac.


"To make the best Cognac, you have to grow the grapes, make the wine and distil it the best way.Then you watch it as it ages. In my cellars, there are Cognacs that were made by my father, my grandfather and my great-grandfather" explains Pierre Ferrand, founder of Pierre de Segonzac."

Today the family domain is the business of Pablo, the son of Christian. It is him who is in charge of the grape harvests, of the administrative management, of the storage of brandies and new plantations. With him a piece of news génèration of man and vineyard come to immortalize an ancestral passion.

You understood it, the story of Cognacs Pierre de Segonzac is connected to the FERRAND family since more than 10 génèrations. Guarantor for the traditions, her applies days after days to propose you only the best cognacs.
Now, it's your turn. Taste, share with your close friends and make this love travel for cognacs of Grande Champagne. vendanges


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